Traditionally, the treatment of wounds has been dealt with by seeking care inside the hospital. Those who do not experience a standard of wound healing considered normal may seek care from a wound specialist.

PEMF therapy is now giving hope to those who would not typically search an alternative solution for their care.This revolutionary therapy can aid in wound healing by increasing blood flow, but it has also been shown to regenerate nerves and tissue growth.
The FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy for the healing of delayed and non-union fractures, but at this time the FDA has still not given the approval to use this as a prescribed treatment for wound healing.

Essentially it’s a matter of getting more studies to be conducted as a result of this therapy. There are many types of wounds that may benefit from this therapy including:

  •  acute wounds
  • bed sores
  • diabetic ulcers
  • post-operative wounds
  • pressure wounds
  • vascular ulcers

All of these wounds could potentially benefit from PEMF therapy. This would mean less time in the hospital and the doctor’s offices. PEMF therapy has been shown to improve circulation which aids in the healing process. When you add improved circulation to the stimulation and healing of nerves and tissues you end up with a speedy recovery.

C.O, 28 months, Male
Diagnosis : 3rd Degree Burns


On the first day of treatment (24 hours passed since the burn happened, mild disinfection spray used only) the only program used was program 98. This program was used for 12 days, 2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours in the Evening. No hospital, no surgical repair and no creams were used.


Day 14, everything is healed, some pink new skin And the leg, almost no sign of a scar....