Chronic and long-term health conditions like autoimmune diseases are not only frustrating for the individual, but they are also frustrating for the physicians that cannot seem to offer long-term improvement with medications.

Autoimmune diseases cause your body’s immune system to mistakenly attack normal cells. In autoimmune arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), your immune system attacks the lining of your joints. This leads to inflammation that can affect your entire body. Symptoms vary greatly from person to person, as does the rate of progression.The chronic fatigue, pain, and flu-like symptoms begin to weigh on the individual leaving them with a feeling of hopelessness, frustration, and leaving physicians with no choice but to just treat the symptoms.

Many of these cases have been treated successfully using ONDAMED  PEMF therapy & BICOM bioresonance therapy together. Skin Oasis doctor and practitioners will look at what is stressing your body from the inside rather than treat the symptoms. PEMF therapy can have a positive impact on the individual by boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation and pain while improving an individual’s quality of life.

Katherine Pang, 44 y/o, Female, Professional
Diagnosis : Autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis

Before (May 2014)

Katherine has been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 20 years. She also suffers from severe Vasculitis (incurable) and requires daily steroid intake. This caused the flaring up of wounds requiring long time to heal. Her condition is termed ‘Autoimmune Disorder’.

After (Feb 2015)

After 2-3 months of Treatment at Skin Oasis with ONDAMED, Katherine’s condition improved drastically. Her opened wound has healed and improved with skin regeneration. And she has reduced gradually her steroid intake. “I suffer from an Autoimmune Disease, with flaring up of wounds requiring long time to heal. Going for treatment at Skin Oasis, along with taking medication and practising ‘qigong’, helped my wounds to heal faster within 2-3 months.” – Patient’s Statement

S.Y Ho, 15 y/o, Male, Student
Diagnosis : Chronic Urticaria

Before (May 2014)

Had seen doctors from National Skin Centre, had taken medicine, but not showing changes in skin condition.

After (Feb 2015)

Reduction in flare-ups, appear less serious when occurred episodically. Visibly lesser redness.

P.K Ng, 62 y/o, Male, Retiree
Diagnosis : Chronic Dermatitis

Before (June 2014)

Had been suffering from an autoimmune disease of the skin for over 30 years, without any relief from medical treatment.

After (Oct 2014)

Reduced wound inflammation. Wound exudate discontinued, wound began to dry up, epithelisation present.