I had a lower leg wound that did not heal. It was itchy and the wound grew in size over time and did not respond to topical treatment of aloe vera gel or calamine lotion. I went to a dermatologist -trained GP and what she prescribed me did not yield effective. I came to know of Ondamed Treatment during a health fair. I bought a treatment package focusing on skin skin repair and treatmentaside from other modalities. I also did an allergy test and went on a treatment plan to target the sources of allergy ranging from food to chemical toxin. After a few months of treatment, my skin improved and the wound responded well. I also regulated my diet and avoided those allergens. Today I'm a much happier person and able to enjoy my quality of life. The team from Spring Oasis was fantastic and very client-centred. The three who attended to me personally were 1)Ronald, 2)Thinesh, 3)Aaron. I only have excellent compliments for them.
Ms Tan
Initial scan of the body show abnormality and after five sessions of ONDAMED there was improvement. Another five more sessions the scan result shown organ going back to normal function. Except for the water retention and uneasy stomach everything seemed fine with me.
Mdm Tan Chew Neo
Every treatment done by SO for my son (Lucas Ng) gives me a sense of satisfaction. The staffs and doctor treat us with politeness and always ask for my son's well being. This really warms out hearts. At times, my son even ask me when is his next schedule of his treatment for the week, further shows that he is looking forward to its as well. In addition, SO centre caters to our timing well, more often than not, we arrange to come at the last minute, but the centre is able to give us a slot. We are very grateful to the centre for their understanding and help given.
Ng Choon Meng
I first come to Spring Oasis was recommended by a friend. I used to take Antibiotics for Helicobacteria at least once a month. My stomach has been so acidic. Since I come to Spring Oasis, I never touch a course of antibiotic for past 3 years. Also, I find the treatments are so good, eventhough Ondamed machine to use it at home. I hardly to get sick now. I have lactose intolerance and wheat allergy, I eventhough can eat bread. Since they find out the cause and after treatment, I am able to take bread ad dairy products without feel bloated.
Vincent Chio
Property Agent
I've been receiving treatment for my medical condition known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome at Spring Oasis for the past few months. The main causes for my condition are food allergy and stress. With the expertise rendered by the trained practitioners at Spring Oasis using Bicom Bioresonance and Ondamed PEMF, I'm slowly but surely recovering. With Bioresonance therapy, I can now eat more food items which would have caused me great discomfort before, such as soy, milk and onions. So far, the many programmes available on the versatile Ondamed machine have helped me to de-stress, treated me of my backache, nerve pain, and flu and cold. To be honest, I was skeptical about the treatment offered by these machines until I tried them for myself. Very importantly, these machines are manned by the experienced practitioners here, who are very friendly and professional. They make you feel totally relaxed and comfortable as you receive the treatment. Dr Thinesh, in particular, has been spot on in detecting my medical problems on each visit using Ondamed. Let me relate what happened on one such visit. I had been feeling very heaty, my throat was scratchy and dry and I could feel that I was going to fall sick soon. I did not tell him about it but he could detect accurately using Ondamed and treated me accordingly. Needless to say, I didn't fall sick after that treatment. I was so happy because I hate falling sick. I have faith that if I continue with my course of treatment at Spring Oasis, I will be healed of IBS ultimately.
Lim Lee Ngoh
I was having a very chesty cough and know that I will be coming down with a bad throat injection and spitting lots of green yellowish phlegm. After visit to Spring Oasis for ONDAMED Biofeedback Treatment and BICOM Bioresonance Treatment and felt much refreshed and rejuvenated after the treatments. Surprisingly the chest felt more comfortable and less phlegm. Amazing!
Michelle Liu
Product Specialist
I really like ONDAMED Biofeedback and the Bioresonance Therapy Treatment as these both are non-invasive and yet are able to identify precisely the problem areas within our body. This is unlike conventional western treatment which lases mostly invasive techniques which provides results that are usually not precise but just an estimation of the problem. Both treatments are able to provide immediate relief to certain problems at times, such as there is stomach imbalance due to wrong food. Last but not least, I strongly believe both systems could be able to help more people be relieved of their common ointments which require expensive & protracted treatments from western medicine today. They also help me to know the food allergy and treatment.
Gina Lee
HR Manager