Degenerated Cells Test


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The test “Degenerated Cells” is based on the phenomenon of the “apoptosis”.

This phenomenon was discovered in the seventies by three pathologists: Andrew Willy, Alastair Currie and John Carr and means that every cell needs an impulse to trigger its death. Especially cancer cells don’t get the impulse and therefore can proliferate without restraint.


Therefore, degenerated cells don’t receive the command to die. Besides, the healthy tissue doesn’t recognise them as pathological. With our ampoules the degenerated cells are “marked” energetically so that the healthy tissue can recognise them as pathological and the body’s own immune system produces a counter-reaction.


For a full list of items tested for this test please click “What’s tested?” above.

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What's tested?

Degeneration Cell Support Cell Inflammation Cell
Precursor Prevent Ascites Adenoma
Unaffected Tissue Precursor Lowered Resistance Atheroma
Degeneration Elimination of Chemotherapy Fibroma
Unaffected Tissue Degeneration Build up Intestine Lipoma
Dispersion Stabilise DNA Lympho-granuloma
Unaffected Tissue Dispersion Bind Free Radicals Melanoma
Degeneration 1


Genetic Defect Myoma
Degeneration 2


Support Healing Adenoids
Degeneration 3

(Large Intestine)

Hormonal Balance Cysts
Degeneration 4

(Small Intestine)

Elimination of Hormone Therapy
Degeneration 5


Stabilise Immune     System
Degeneration 6


Killer Cells
Degeneration 7


Prevent Neoplasia
Degeneration 8 (Gonadoblastom) Stabilise Central Nervous
Degeneration 9


Stabilise RNA
Degeneration 10


Elimination of Radiotherapy
Degeneration 11


Prevent Thrombosis
Degeneration 12


Stabilise Cells
Degeneration 13


Degeneration 14


Degeneration 15


Degeneration 16


Degeneration 17


Degeneration 18


Degeneration 19 (Prostate   Gland)
Degeneration 20


Degeneration 21 (Spleen)


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