Allergy Treatment

$210.00 $170.00

For 1 session (120 mins)

Non- invasive, No medication
PEMF & Bioresonance Therapy

Please note:

  • Appointment required.
  • Call 6733 4108/ WA 97229359


Electromagnetic oscillations emitted by diseased organs and cancer cells are different from those emitted by healthy cells. With the help of Bioresonance and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology,  allergies, asthma, atopic dermatitis (eczema), and various inflammatory conditions are picked up and treated here at Spring Oasis.


Human tissue respond to electromagnetic vibrations, allowing the device to send low-frequency electromagnetic impulses into the body’s fluids, organs, tissue and cells. The connective tissue of the body facilitates the flow of electrons between these areas, balancing the body’s homeostatic processes. This therapy can then work by activating the immune system, lymphatic system and metabolic processes. During a treatment session, the practitioner places applicators appropriately and scans the body with a range of supportive frequencies to determine which ones are best for therapy. Individual results will vary and repeated program applications may be required for weeks or months as it works best for chronic conditions. Other therapies may give lasting benefit with just a few applications.

Non-invasive & Safe

The patient is allowed to sit or lie in a comfortable position with the applicators positioned at the targeted areas. The treatment is painless.

The device delivers PEMFs with signals closely matching that of the earth. The very low-intensity PEMFs range from 0.1 to 32,000 Hz generates a current of electricity in the cells. It is, however, safe because it never delivers more than what the body’s own electrical system generates.


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