Allergy Test (Premier)

$250.00 $210.00

For 1 Person.

63 food items tested
62 non-food items tested

Please note:

  • Appointment required.
  • Call 6733 4108/ WA 97229359


Find the cause of allergy/intolerance symptoms fast.

Using the latest in bio-technology, the allergy/intolerance test to test 34 most allergenic food and 50 different non-food items to see which of those items might cause you a reaction due to having an allergy/intolerance. The results then create a report of your potential intolerances which is guaranteed to be emailed to you in just 3 working days.

We will also give guidance on how your individual intolerances can be reduced or even eliminated completely.

For a full list of items tested for this test please click “What’s tested?” above.

Order today: Discover if non-IgE-mediated food allergies, food intolerances or food sensitivities are affecting your life.

What's tested?

This is the list of allergens that you will get tested during the test:

           Food   Phenolic Metals Others
Fruits Vegetables Apiol Aluminium Animal Hairs
Avocado Beans Ascorbic Acid Amalgam – Dog
Banana Broccoli Cinamic Acid Arsenic – Cat
Citrus Fruit Carrots Coumarin Antimony – Rabbit
Coconut Corn Eugenol Barium Colourants
Fructose Cucumber Gallic Acid Cadmium Detergent
Pome Fruit Garlic Indole Chromium Dust Mites
Stone Fruit Ginger Menadione Cobalt Flavorants
Strawberry Olive Oil Phenylalanine Copper Hay Dust
Dairy Onion Phenylisothiocynate Gold House Dust
Cheese Mushrooms Phlorizin Iron Insects
Dairy mix Potato Rutin Lead Sweeteners
Goat’s Milk Spinach Choline Magnesium
Lactose Tomato Dopamine Manganese
Grains & Legumes Drinks Histamine Mercury
Barley Beer Malvin Nickel
Chia Seed Coffee Nicotine Selenium
Oats Green Tea Norepinephrine Silver
Rice Spirit Drinks Piperine Silver Lead
Rye Tea Piperonal Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate
Soy Wine (White) Pyrrole Tin
Wheat Wine (Red) Salsolinal Titanium
Fish & Meats Wine (Fortified) Serotonin Zinc
Beef Others Tyramine
Fish Brewer’s yeast Tuberculinum
Lamb Chocolates Uric Acid
Pork Egg white Vanillylamine
Poultry Egg yellow MSG
Shellfish Glucose Salicylate
Veal Gluten :
Nut Honey
Almond Sugar
Cashew Yeast
Macadamia Nuts


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