As you prepare to settle in for the holiday season with your loved ones, there are a lot of details on your to-do list that you need to think about. From presents to baking to travel arrangements, it can be overwhelming to just about everybody. There is one more detail that you are going to want to factor into your holiday plans, however, and that is an allergy test. Sure, it may not have been what you were expecting, but it should be high up on your list of priorities! Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits of a pre-holiday allergy test

The holiday season is busy enough, so why would possibly take so much extra time in your schedule for an allergy test? The benefits, especially as they relate to the holiday, may surprise you!

You’ll be freshly aware of any food issues: It’s easy to forget what you’re allergic to after some time fades, and you’ve done an elimination diet to help weed out the allergens out of your day to day life. But, when you are around foods you normally wouldn’t eat, you don’t have the same certainty of a reaction, and you may not think to check. Getting an allergy test done keeps it all fresh in mind and even reminds you of potential problem areas.

You’ll know which treats are naughty or nice: Since a lot of allergies come in sweet treat form, it’ll be good to know what you can or can’t have before you take a bite and find out the hard way. You’ll be able to know common places to find your allergen and what treats are going to be okay to try.

You’ll have more confidence to explore unknown foods: If you are looking forward to exploring different kinds of food, you’ll be able to do so with comfort and confidence knowing what you can and can’t have before you head to the food table. This is great for enjoying the food portion of the holiday season.

You will be prepared in case of a reaction: Worst case scenario, in case of a reaction, you’ll know what to expect and how to counteract it. Since this can often be a point of concern for those who are traveling for the holidays or unsure of totally what to avoid, being prepared is a great detail to focus on. 

It doesn’t have to be a complicated process: Most importantly, you aren’t going to have to go through a complicated process in order to get a test done. You can simply order a test kit online and have it shipped to your home, where you take your sample and send it back. The results will be in your inbox in under two weeks from the receipt of the samples. It really can be that simple sometimes.

Sure, there’s a lot of hubbub around the holiday, but with a change in plans also comes a change in diet. There’s no point in risking a reaction because you’re eating food that you normally wouldn’t. An allergy test can help with that, and it will also help you enjoy more peace of mind as well, which can be helpful amongst the hustle and bustle of the season.

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