Silvia Binder, ND, PhD is the CEO of the Ondamed Companies in USA & Germany

I am not only the CEO of the Ondamed companies and a practitioner in private practice in Germany. I am also the mother of three children.

I first met Rolf Binder, the inventor of ONDAMED, in 2002. At that time, my 5-year old son Randy was diagnosed with a 1 cm thrombus in his heart. Since he had been therapy resistant to Coumadin for more than 2 months, I started using my newly arrived ONDAMED Technology on him to help resolve the thrombus.


Echocardiogram taken at Children’s Hospital in Boston in April 2002, Thrombus measures 10mm x 9mm

Echocardiogram taken at Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center in New York in October 2002, Thrombus measures 6mm x 3mm







Randy had his first open heart surgery (L-transposition) at the age of 2 and was in the brilliant hands of cardiac surgeon R. Jonas at the Children’s Hospital in Boston. We only had another week before his cardiologists would resort to yet another open heart surgery for the removal of this life-threatening thrombus.

After only three short ONDAMED sessions, over a 5 days period, my son not only became therapeutic to Coumadin, but he was able to avoid open-heart surgery. By continuing to treat him weekly over the next 6 months, the size of the thrombus was reduced from 10mm x 9mm to 6mm x 4mm in diameter. Since 2003, Randy has been free of all medications and enjoys a healthy life with preventive monthly ONDAMED stimulation. This eye-opening and heart-touching experience fuels my passion to educate the world of this life-changing technology.

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